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Changes needed to be made:

Nafees Out -> Kapali in
Ashraful out -> Naeem in

Kapali's problem is that he can't score quickly that's why he struggled in ODI's, he takes a little bit of time to get going like me it seems he threw his wicket away by getting impatient and trying shots without getting set. in tests, this shouldn't be a problem.

Nafees is a good batsmen, but he has a lot of technical issues(many if them are getting exposed nowadays) i think he has been given enough chances to prove himself, maybe one last chance? I wouldn't mind either way...

Asahraful just has to comment!
In sha Allah a day will come when Bangladesh will defy all types of odds to win everything. (ICC, BCCI, umpires, Ramij Raja, Boycott, Sidhu) Nothing will stop Bangladesh. Bangladesh will keep winning match after match after match after match.That day may not be very far...
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