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Originally Posted by NoName
Newt is taking advantage of Obama's skewed relation with Israel (which was all a show as he vetoed the Palestinian bid), which also happens to affect the Jewish population in the US, since Democrats have always enjoyed having dominance over the Jewish vote. Now we have Obama having tense relations with Bibi/Israel, which now has kind of alienated the Jews and their view on Obama, Newt is simply acting as a new 'hero' for these Jews with his retarded statements.
Much ado about nothing. Most Jews are too sensible to fall for this ploy. No republican has ever gotten anything close to even half the jewish vote in any election. Newt won't make it either. Yes, right wing Jews and Zionists (who are often not even religious Jews) make the headlines. Daniel Pipes, AIPAC, ADL, etc. But majority of American Jews are center or center left leaning. They know that these same republican racists who are pro Israel are only doing that because their belief is that they will all be converted when Christ Returns. Thats not real love.

Most American Jews are people just like anyone else with real world concerns be it money, healthcare, economy, rising cost of living.

It is conservatives of all stripes who are the real danger to humanity.
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