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No desh, manush o cirket bachabe Begum 'I failed high School' Zia, and her Prince Tareq - Jaati opekkhai aache.

Eto conspiracy theory - eto discussion, yet we keep moving away from the truth, we lost all but what 3 or 4 tests since we got test status. That record comprises a lot of BCB heads(good, bad and the ugly). During every tenure we had periods of positivity, and then long periods of mediocrity.

A mere 18 months ago(while a lurker) I read many of the same people praising the direction we were headed in(obviously still no love for the BCB head) but aside from this, there was in general a lot of supposedly good things being done. Hell heading into the WC(after the NZ whitewash - people were adamant we were going to qualify for the next round). Since then we've gone into a tailspin, and the negativity and conspiracy theories are back.

Bangladesh Cricket and Bangladesh Cricket - proving the Boom/Bust Cycle lives on.
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