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Originally Posted by F6_Turbo
No desh, manush o cirket bachabe Begum 'I failed high School' Zia, and her Prince Tareq - Jaati opekkhai aache.

Eto conspiracy theory - eto discussion, yet we keep moving away from the truth, we lost all but what 3 or 4 tests since we got test status. That record comprises a lot of BCB heads(good, bad and the ugly). During every tenure we had periods of positivity, and then long periods of mediocrity.

A mere 18 months ago(while a lurker) I read many of the same people praising the direction we were headed in(obviously still no love for the BCB head) but aside from this, there was in general a lot of supposedly good things being done. Hell heading into the WC(after the NZ whitewash - people were adamant we were going to qualify for the next round). Since then we've gone into a tailspin, and the negativity and conspiracy theories are back.

Bangladesh Cricket and Bangladesh Cricket - proving the Boom/Bust Cycle lives on.
I feel you are giving credit in the wrong area when you mention the BCB and then the team winning.

This credit goes to the coaching staff and players.

The BCB is judged on infrastructure, planning and FC standards, logistics and finances. Cricket standards are down to the coaches and ultimately the players.

Up to the WC optimism was high as the team finished with 7 wins from 8 including the Bangla Wash. We ought to have qualified for the second round of the WC, but for two dreadful batting performances only. This was not the fault of the BCB, neither was it the credit of the Board we won 4-0 vs NZ. This was coaches and players.

The players now have fallen apart and the results have dropped off the scale. Same players, same board.... but DIFFERENT COACHES. You don't have to be a cricket detective to spot the difference. Coincidence? It does seem a bit too coincidental that the two best coaches we have had (Pont and Fountain) were here when we won 70% of the time and not here now and we getting thrashed ALL the time. When we do win now it's because the opposition have already won the series.

So for me, it's obvious what the immediate problem - and the solution is.
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