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Originally Posted by LBW103
The BCB is judged on infrastructure, planning and FC standards, logistics and finances. Cricket standards are down to the coaches and ultimately the players.
Do you even know what you are talking about?
So, would you say we don't have good fast bowlers just because we don't have good fast bowling coaches? Why do we have good spinners then? We didn't have any world class spin bowling coach. Don't you think other factors come in here as well?

Originally Posted by LBW103
Up to the WC optimism was high as the team finished with 7 wins from 8 including the Bangla Wash. We ought to have qualified for the second round of the WC, but for two dreadful batting performances only. This was not the fault of the BCB, neither was it the credit of the Board we won 4-0 vs NZ. This was coaches and players.
Its very clear you are here just to advocate for two of your favourite coaches. Our bowling wasn't that great in the world cup. They two matches we bowled well were matches where our batting was reasonably better as well because those two teams were weak. In fact against India our batting was not that bad, the bowling was awefull which set the tone for the rest of the tournament.

You talk as if the coaches have magic wand. Every single Bangladeshi knows no coach can take us to a much higher rank apart from a win here and there unless we give attention to other issues as well, such as- more domestic matches in good pitches, increase practice facilities for cricketers outside the national team, bringing in quality overseas players for domestic leagues and tournaments etc as well as bringing in quality overseas coaches. Gary Kirsten was able to help India reaching the highest rank because India was already one of the best teams. I doubt if he could take us or Zimbabwe there. A country can't go to top just by based on coaches. The coaches in Australia didn't forget how to coach. Why their team is not doing so well now then? There is no doubt Law is not a world class coach. He didn't have any coaching credentials before taking the job in BD. But you can't blame him alone for our failure. Our system is failure, not just the coach. Take off your coloured glasses from your eyes man. See things the way they are.
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