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Originally Posted by AsifTheManRahman
Corruption is etched into the mind of the citizen during childhood. Thanks to poverty, survival instincts at the expense of others are encouraged and kick in early on in an individual's lifetime. The result - a culture of deception, ill mannerisms and impatience. The problems are probably deeper rooted than the current political leadership. Ironically, I believe a major overhaul of the political situation is the only way out.

The people are to blame. A nation can only become what its people will let it become. The people are corrupted bigots who are undeserving of democracy. In fact I doubt the people know what's best for them.
Very well said.

Communism could be a good option for a couple of decades, with an even distribution of income and a hard working population contributing to a better future. But even if we do find an honest government, it will lead to a public uproar due to a lack of understanding of what's best for the nation in the long run. The government will then have to respond with a blood bath.

What we really need, therefore, is for one power hungry, patriotic individual to rise from the heaps of despair, say enough is enough, form an army, raid the homes of political powerhouses and take prisoners, then rule the nation with an iron fist. We need this honest, no-nonsense dictator to *whip* the bull crap out of the citizens and to drive them to a better economy and a better society in general.

Of course, when (s)he begins to treat the nation as her/his property in thirty years, we should assassinate her/him and form a democratic government. But by then, we will have better employment, better roads and transportation, food and better health care for everyone, booming industries, greater international trade, a far superior literacy rate and finally be ready for democracy.

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What we really need is ... strictly stay out of those ideas. Good or bad, one iron fist never works since mass are not involved in building, support and protect any system. It is impossible for one [or few] good/perfect to look after each and every issue, corner of the country, which eventually lead that person surrounded by crooks in a short time. In that sense, the iron fist has to be made of mass people, has to be burned and shaped for years, over and over again, until it become a system no matter who is in charge. More it takes time, more long the people have to straggle, till then its a long uphill task for people, only if they really are up for it. Korea, Malaysia didnt shine because of one iron fist, rather their people were well aware of their need and betterment, and they really were up for it for years too.
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