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Originally Posted by shuziburo
Clearly, we are not where we could have been. Countries like Malaysia and South Korea were in similar positions in 1971, but they have since become industrial giants. A want to ask everyone two questions:
  1. What can we do ideally over the next 5/10 years, to take Bangladesh forward?
  2. What steps practically can be undertaken over the next 5/10 years, given the current situation/environment?
Shuzida it's lovely thread and initiative. Before one must his country forward, imo, he should at least do something for himself. You are the badge, you are the symbol, you are a Bangladeshi. If you improve yourself, rest will take care. What do I mean by that?

Everyday I drive on Interstate Fwy in US, I cannot help but thank God, for the lovely opportunity. Why? Because I could very easily have been a poor tokai in Dhaka. The tag Bangladesh is not a stigma, but honor and pride for me. It's a badge of honor. I feel blessed that from the poorest country in the world I am somehow literally elevated on ramp.

But that is not enough. I then think, I must be the best at whatever field I do. Then the rest would take care of itself. Since Bangladesh is a brand for me, if I say, author a good book, it would forever be prefaced as: Bangladeshi-born so and so...

That was the idea behind that thread, which many may have taken askance. So yes, one should ALWAYS do something for his country, but as in my opinion, easiest way to do so would be to taking care of himself. And the rest shall follow suit..

On this Independence day, whether you are an expat or a resident, wear the national badge-tag like pride. Represent it. Cultivate yourself. And lead your nation in pride in pursuit of excellence and being one.
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