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Default Your Favourite BanglaCricket Avatars

This is my favourite. I really love some avatars used by the forum members.

Here are my favourites in almost the same order as mentioned:

1. Pampoo Bhai's Avatar

I always wonder how Pampoo Bhai can go day-in and day-out on that ball and keep his balance!!!

2. Kana-Bana's Avatar (It's a cool name too)

I just smile everytime i see that pic. Damn he's good

3. Fazal's Avatar

A cutie-pie. He's really engrossed in deep thoughts and about to say something very intelligent.

4. SpitFire's Avatar

I think he should be at #3. A really cute pic!!! Love the looks on his confused/bewildered/innocent face.

5. RajPutro's Avatar (Rajputro is a really COOL name too)

Powerful and intimidating. Reminder of some cartoon strip hero. Not sure which one.

I am sure i am missing some cool ones as i can't recollect all of them. Please post your favourite Avatars.

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