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Hi Simon
I think Shakib should be our captain because:
1. He has the leadership trait. He believes in himself and can give confidence to others. I remember the body language we had during the NZ bangla wash series. It was the only time in our cricketing history I felt that the captain of our team was inspiring every one in the field to give more.
2. His understanding of the game of cricket is second to none in our team. His field placement and bowling changes are always positive and rational.
3. He leads by example.
4. He is getting the exposure from IPL and County that he can emulate here in Bangladesh.

Our team is more important than him and I believe that if we re assign him as our captain then he can help shape our cricket for this decade. Other wise the shaping will be done by the same fourth graders in BCB who puts their personal gain way ahead of the team at every occasion.

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