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I did some googling, Shakib got a contract of $425000 for three years with Kolkata Knight Riders for three years - 2011, 12, 13.
Shakib gets $141K Per Annum from IPL (It lasts a month? Nonetheless that's what he'll get)

The PCA has set the minimum wage at about 24K Pounds per year.
Some high class players can get upto 40K pounds.
A dated forum entry states 45K here
Compounding at3% per annum for 3 years (at $1.55=1 BGP):
County pays at most $76K per annum. (If he is there for three months then he will get $19K - but three months is too long for him, but maybe when he is off. He will learn more playing County FC then Domestic BD.

Which would be less than IPL for Shak.

From 2010 publication BD pays 108K taka monthly (A+) = $18K per annum.
BD pays for A+ $18K Per Annum
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