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Originally Posted by ahnaf
^ whats wrong with that? Every single club defend their best player no matter what the situation is.. Its pretty simple..
And im eagerly waiting to see what FA is gonna do for the same allegation against a english born player (Terry).. And imho banning a player for 8 match is too much because you cant tell what conv was going there with evra and suarez..

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Every club defends their club when it comes to footballing matters. Racism goes beyond football - it is much bigger than that.

When Rio Ferdinand missed a drug test, and was banned for 8 months, United didn't like the decision, but realized, drugs in sports is a huge deal, and forced the whole squad to get further education on the issue.

When Eric Cantona kicked a fan, United suspended him before the FA came in with their charge and subsequent suspension.

When Adrian Mutu was busted for cocaine, Chelsea cancelled his contract.

As for 8 matches, it should have been 8 months - you can tell what happened between the two, all you have to do is read the report published. Alternatively, you can ignore the evidence, and continue to be misinformed.

Suarez ADMITTED to calling Evra a NEGRO in a derogatory manner -

His teammate Dirk KUYT told the inquiry, Suarez said to Evra..."I kicked you because you are black"

Liverpool management official Daniel Comolli also officially told the inquiry...Suarez in replying to a question asked by Evra, responded by saying "Because you are black".

There is NO DOUBT whatsoever as to his guilt. He is a racist scumbag, who told the Panel he will never refer to another player as a negro on the football pitch(meaning he admitted using the term.)

I hope Liverpool appeal, and his ban gets doubled.
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