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The mass majority of Americans, the common poor everyday suffering public of America, in the cities and in the country, the majority, although a lot of them will go vote Rebuplican like they always do, are suffering day in day out. There is no job, we are in depression and the society, spirit of the people is already completely degenerating into an over-filled plastic Trash Can everyday, a Republican will only make this suffering much much Worse and will send this already weaker country into further economical destruction, further world isolation like Bushs era and an overall fatigue of mental-physical plague! There is no other choice for the Americans today but to stick to the President Obama even more than ever before otherwise we will sink this ship down, it's already leaking water everywhere...we need to resurge with more Public work, nationwide environmantal repair program and employ the mas general unemployed public and revive not just this constant "Economy, economy, spending, spending, ohh I am brake again bullcrap" but also the spirit of this Greater/larger Amreican people east to west and reunite that American constructive, battling emotions and only this man Obama can do/deliver that for Amreica/. Bhais everything takes time, the Bush administration left a destroyed mountain of trash for this administration to clean up, cleaning up is still going full force...and we haven't even touched the toxic landfills, the deserts (spell/morubhumi) or the coastline and rivers yet!!!
God bless Ingrid Newkirk, Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris & Mitch Landrieu!
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