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Originally Posted by idrinkh2O
Faguner agun vhaya, nice thread! Please write a poem about this team!
I love all my tigers. My tigers come from all over Bangladesh and hence I support all BPL teams! I would like to see our players mingle with international players and gain some experiences from it. Hope this BPL league will benefit our cricket!

Go Sylhet Tigers!
Go Bangladesh!
May the best team win!
An Ode on Sylhet Team

I travelled different parts of Sylhet
Found so many homes were vacant
Now time for BPL cricket
And BC is without any enchant.

There was no thread by a Sylhety
It was me who opened one for empathy.
Now someone said the plane has just left London
Full of Bangla Anglo-saxon.

They are coming
In BC, they will be floundering.
But their time has left
To open another thread.

Still I hope they are coming
With their pounds, dollars and sterling.
They will give a fight
For their glory and pride.
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