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Originally Posted by zsayeed
C'mon, a Gladiator is the mascot? In Dhaka? In Bangladesh? First off, Gladiators wore no armor, then this guy looks like a crusader as well. And since when is gladiation a part of our culture. And D&G? I mean really! Dolce and Gabbana? Ash must have had a hand in this logo with his D&G Jeans! This is so wrong in so many ways. Who is in charge of Marketing? Bunch of squirrels?

Meh... that's it.
* Applause *

Some gladiators did wear armor but nowhere as much as in the logo there. I wonder where the designer cut 'n pasted it from.

As for D&G - where did they get the "&" - love your comment about Ash's jeans. Heheh.
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