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Originally Posted by zsayeed
C'mon, a Gladiator is the mascot? In Dhaka? In Bangladesh? First off, Gladiators wore no armor, then this guy looks like a crusader as well. And since when is gladiation a part of our culture. And D&G? I mean really! Dolce and Gabbana? Ash must have had a hand in this logo with his D&G Jeans! This is so wrong in so many ways. Who is in charge of Marketing? Bunch of squirrels?

Meh... that's it.
Eta mone hoi na tader official logo. Kono team er logo ekhon porjonto confirm korenai. Ora aj/kal BCB te joma dibe.

FB e ekek jon ekek rokom kore make kortese. Gladiators er page o 2ta open hoye gese.
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