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(1) Shakib Al Hasan - Nothing to talk about him, the best player of the country.
(2) H. Gibbs (SA) $100,000 - Was one of the best hitter of the world..still got the muscle to hit few of those.
(3) A. Russel (WI) $85,000 - good all rounder, he was good in last series against us.
(4) S. Jaysuria (SL) $110,000 - the old fox can spark anytime ith bat and ball.
(5) Neil O'Brain (IRE) $80,000 - a very tricky buy as you need to buy at least one from the associates..he is a good wkt keeper and good hitter of the ball.
(6) D. Smith (WI) $50,000 - not sure why KRB bought him
(7) J. Batler (Eng) $25,000 - never heard of him
(8] S. Chandarpaul (WI) $25,000 - he will bring experience in the middle order. very good buy for 25K
(9) Nasir Hossain $200,000 - currently the best All rounder of the country after Shak
(10) Abdur Razzak $85,000 - Shak Razzak partnership is very effective
(11) Shafiul Islam $65,000 - our /national fast bowler
(12) Dollar Mahmud $20,000 - mini All rounder with fast bowling option..
(13) Marshal Aiyub $20,000 - good batsman
(14) Maishukur Rahman $20,000 - one of the promising opener for last yea
(15) Sagir Hossain Pavel $20,000 - local boy, good batsman plus keeper
(16) Shahadat Hossain $100,000 - SRK
(17) Nazmul Hossain Milon $35,000 - Isnt he the guy who is famous for hitting sixes
(18) F. Edwards (WI) $60,000 - good fast bowling partner for shafiul

strength - spin bowling and very strong middle order..
lacking - fast bowling unless srk brings his form back..

notable player missing - They could have bid for a paki pacer who are effective on our pitch.. I am very surprised to see there is no RTD in the auction.. he could be a big win for KRB..
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