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Default Maane kii?

The name of the league is BPL – Bangladesh Premier League, in the league eveyone is looking for making more money and no body is caring for the country. Maane kii?

Even in creating a logo for the team, they are picking someone from other nation's team. Maane kii?

In the month of great Februay, for other foreign artists BD becomes a santuary. Maane kii?

Ash represents so many failures, how come he becomes the captain of The Gladiators? Maane kii?

Dave Whatmore says Sylhet is one of the best stadiums but I see there is no tediums. Maane kii?

Sylhet has so much money, in the team there is not so much honey. Maane kii?

That's why I say gillie gillie kullu kullu. Some ask, 'maane kii?'
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