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Originally Posted by zsayeed
darun hoisey wc11 bro.

politicianer omaikota!! aar nafees er genuine sincere hashi... nicely interpreted! and mushyr lojjjto hashi!
Originally Posted by Hawk-Eye
Hahaha wc11 bhai jotil hoise!!
Thank you Hawk-Eye bhai

Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
WC11, the 2nd part of suit and juta:

Go back and see the expression (of Nafis, Mushi and Shakib). Exactly what you have said. Matches perfectly. Great stuff.
Wow wow wow. Tigers_eye bhai, the Great first poster of this great great thread read my post amar ei thread e ashai sarthok holo az azker din ta ami calender e mark kore rakhbo

By the way, It needs great eyes to read someones expression and all of you three got something in common "EYE" or these thee letters "2E" and a "Y". Sayeed bhai put these in more artistic way "YEE"

Amito always chesta kori cricketerder expression ta caption korte, but chobi post korar por orai expression change kore fele, bujheni to BD cricketers not even consistant in pics

But azke bujhlam Shakib ,Mushy r SN may be giving some signals of consistency at least in pics?
We were, we are and we will be always with you Tigers.
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