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Originally Posted by Dhakablues
At Prothom Alo or somewhere they were calling Chittagong team a team of 'Juddahporadis'... funny and irrelevant as it sounds, I couldnt fathom how the current government will even allow SQ Chowdhury's son to form a team. I have no doubt about his wealth as they have been rich for generations...its a matter of how they can justify the ROI for such enormous investment. Probably they can sell team jerseys or stickers to make up for the costs....
You don't get pal. They do not need to make money, they have enough. All they need is gain publicity among new generations.

After all, Foka and Saka are simply hated by their countrymen. So, their generation next needs make some positive impact in the society to erase that notorious legacy.
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