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Originally Posted by zsayeed
We no more miss IPL: Pak players

^^ Shajeda Afar good name maney Bhalo nam ta ki?
Originally Posted by simon
unar naam Veejay na,etato purush der nam ,niche dekhen,Naim bhai abar shob mukhosto rakhse :p

wth? Munmun is far better, she was the host on BPL's opening ceremony, her bangla is not banglish & English is more appropriate and classy.
Originally Posted by Dhakablues
The highlight was: How finally a new face of Sajida carried herself appropriatly, spoke the right english and correct bengali together ( unlike the so called FM DJs) and also the co-operation from the teams that made the first BPL seemed well orchestrated one

The lowlight was: That modon auctioneers... one was constantly saying the 'Ruppes' and the other was limited with ' yes, sir, can I sir?, thank you sir';
Originally Posted by lamisa
what are saying dhakablues bha? sajida SUCKED BIG TIME!! she kept saying the wrong names! ki stuppid! have a host who has minimum cricket knowledge. i doubt if she knows any bd cricketer except shakib and any other cricketer except afridi! bimbo!
Originally Posted by i_1_primeval_man
^^ True, Sajida was somewhat clueless with the player's names, but she was reasonably well-spoken and pretty attractive. Isn't that what T20 is all about? I wud be waiting to see her again in BPL.
I didn't really follow the BPL auction but Facebook and some of the BPL YouTube videos tell me that I know this Sajeda! (As an acquaintance) She is a nice person and is a model for Aarong, Ice Today, etc and an RJ on Radio Foorti. But yes, she's new to cricket. Also, I dunno how her English came across in the auction but from what I know, she's perfectly fluent.
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