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Originally Posted by shaad

Unfortunately, there is this obsession both among the public and the media for glimpses into the candidates' private lives. Personally, I feel (and yes, I know, most of the populace doesn't agree with me) that a candidate should be judged on the merits of his/her policies and his record in either the legislature or governance, not on his/her boudoir peccadilloes. Several notable US presidents would never have been elected if they had been subjected to similar scrutiny.

Note that I am just making an observation. This should by no means be construed as an endorsement for Gingrich.
Personally, I disagree with Gingrich's morals. Sure, people make mistakes, and adultery is a mistake. Granted a rather hard one to make, provided one didn't just trip and fall and find his phallus embedded inside a stranger's vageegy (is that a proper medical term?). Well, when Eminem said it, it was funnier.

But for the American population to bitch about a candidate's sexual morals being the reason for him being unfit for office is like a chor or dakait complaining about the lack of honest politicians in Bangladesh.

There are many reasons why Gingrich should be committed to a psych ward, or at the very list thrown in the dust bin of racists and bigots, but his marital infidelities are the last reason to bar him from public office.

Now if this was a Christian (or Islamic) state, one would have a logical reason for wanting to keep the likes of Gingrich, Edwards, and Clinton away from the White House.
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