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Out of all the republican contenders, I think Ron Paul stands out as normal.

But at times I find him too naive. On one hand you got these over-paranoid islamophobes hell-bent of wiping Islam off the map then you got this laid back guy (RP) who has a total "hands-off" approach in foreign politics.

Take the video with Giuliani for example where he goes "Why are we supporting their dictators".

When a dictator runs a country you don't have a choice but to deal with him. He is the head of state whether you like it or not. If there is no opposition from within the country you can't just say "I wont deal with you because you are a dictator".

Pre-January 2011, there was no opposition to Hosni Mubarak. As soon as Arab Spring started, there was an alternative to Mubarak and US quickly acknowledged and told him to step down. So I don't see what Ron Paul was complaining about really.

The same applies to Libya and now Syria.
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