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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
Well I think it resonates a lot with the "family values" brigade, at least down here in the South. Ironically, I agree with most of what these "value voters" say from a social standpoint. Although I'm not the homophobe I used to be in my younger and pre Neuroscience days, but I'm just as staunchly against abortion.
Just curious, alF, how do you feel about contraception?

Oddly enough, it's the so called "Red States" e.g. several in the South, with this emphasis on "family values" which have higher rates of teen pregnancies and divorces compared to the "Blue States".

A rather cogent analysis of this phenomenon is presented in the book Red Families v. Blue Families: Legal Polarization and the Creation of Culture by Naomi Cahn and June Carbone. Backed up by rather convincing data, the authors argue that we now live in a post-industrial period, where blue collar work makes it difficult to remain in the middle class. People who constitute the "Blue Families" tend to cohabit but marry later in life (late 20s and 30s), thus being able to complete their education (thereby being more successful), making more rational and mature decisions about who they marry, and marrying individuals who are similarly "successful". In contrast, by insisting unrealistically on chastity before marriage, the "family values brigade"/"Red Families" effectively ensure that their children get pregnant earlier, leading to teen childbirth and shotgun marriages. Needless to say, these marriages are frequently not successful, resulting in the higher divorce rates. Note also the toll that such pregnancies and early marriages have on individuals' chances of completing their education, and thereby having a "successful" career.

Now, it is the availability of contraceptive measures, and in the rare instances when they fail, abortion, that allows members of the "Blue Families" to delay marriage until they are actually "ready" -- hence my question to you, alF: how do you feel about contraception?
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