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Default BPL's effect on our total cricket- Your thoughts

I know everyone is so excited about BPL and waiting to see all these local and international stars in action. I am equally excited but would like to give you something to think about until the tournament begins. What are you hoping BPL will bring into our cricket and what are your fears?

I will start with mine.
Knowing our cricket administrators for so long I don't believe the money earned from BPL will be poured into our domestic cricket as promised. But there has to be some sort of benefit I guess. Definitely sharing the dressing room with internationally successful players with help young local cricketers to a certain extent. But the major achievement from this I believe will be that we might get a new look National t20 squad. I have a feeling we will see a bunch of young cricketers demonstrating their hitting skills and the selectors will be forced to include them in the national squad since these cricketers will perform right in front of public eyes. And eventually we might see a t20 squad made up just with the t20 specialists. With the increasing volume of international t20 matches and a world cup in every 2 years this wont be a bad thing i guess.

On the other side of the coin, again, based on the knowledge about our money sucking cricket administrators I fear first class cricket will be neglected more than before. Previously their main source of money was international matches held in the country. To add to that now they will have BPL at home every year. So why bother about domestic first class cricket! And thats where our cricket will be hurting I fear. Our performance in the longer version mathces might take a dive.

I will think of more pros and cons and post later as I will head back to watch Big Bash final now. But feel free to add your thought.
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