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This is what i think:


  • Discover new talent
  • Good exposure for our players to play with some world class players
  • Money influx
  • Young players may get too hooked up with T20 than FC cricket
  • FC Structure may be ignored to accommodate BPL
  • BPL franchisee may have more power on BCB (in other word, BCB officials may be controlled by powerful BPL franchisee)

Results will depend on BCB officials. They can make BPL positive for our crickets Or, negative. If we consider both, then

  • BCB may invest more in developing FC structure (stadium, pitch, players remuneration etc) with the earned money in BPL.
  • Young players will be more confident and skillful.
  • FC Structure will be as it is, BCB will now be more active with BPL and will be focused on expansion of BPL.
  • Not many players will be available for FC rather they will be interested in DPL, BPL.
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