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nasif has every right to boast if he is able to get a stock yielding close to 100 pc. but it has to be compared to index. anyone who can consistently beat the index has all the bragging rights.

but its unfortunate, his second line. brother bought citibank. this is classic consumer bias. i have been saying citigroup was a pos since 2009. but if u have a good entry point then its not bad. c should be bough cose to 3 dollars or 30 dollars and sold close to 5 or 50 dollars pre and post split. i dnt think split has much affect on the stock. if anything reverse split is SUPPOSED to be good. many institutional buying restricts stocks purchase under certain price ie under 5 dollars. so by reverse splitting c opening its doors to potential institutional. / mutual fund buying. often it is the power of institutional buying that moves a stock significantly.

anyways C will remain a shitty stock in years to come.
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