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Originally Posted by Habib
Offer ta ki aage bolen. Support dile chittagonger meye+meyer baper sompotti free?

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Offer ta hoilo oi j bollam ekta King-king feeling paben jodi CK support koren. Condition ta hoilo mone-prane support korte hobe.
After all, the gladiators are just some highly trained soldiers who are ready to risk their lives anytime at the king's order, the royals are just some members in the king's hall and the burners are mere labourers whose only aim in life is to keep the kings warm and comfy by burning wood, paper or whatever they can. And when the kings are in mood, they go to the jungle to hunt down some royal bengal tigers to impress their queens. Oh i almost forgot the durontos. They are just a bunch of teen-agers who try to pull off some daredevil tricks to entertain the kings. Actually everyone (gladiators, royals, royal bengals, burners, durontos) compete against each other to serve the kings.
So er cheye bhalo offer paben na. And who knows, if you start acting like a King, you might impress a queen and get a kingdom in dowry
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