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Where are all your great Bangladeshi players?
I am only missing a couple of batsmen to fill an entire XI (U25).

Want a challenge tonoy? I can field an XI of the same average age with 6 BD players, 4 seam 1 spin AR, leaving out the 4 regular BD Nats.
Ages are: 21,21,19,24/18(wk),22,18,18/24,23,22,20,19 = 227 @ 20.6.
Could rate about the same, don't know.

Your players will reach legendary experience before they are 26! Definitely need to promote in all 3 to get out of Div 4.

Also congrats to Nadim in Youths this season, deserving! I hope to take it out this season, only losing the outstanding summary Shuey.
I have under 360k, only really have my 30yos to sell. Need a few rounds of the PC and tour prizemoney.

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