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Originally Posted by Zeeshan
Permission to go on thread opening spree? 80? (not to be confused with 40)
There is no positive correlation between quality of forum and the number of threads. In fact, there is an index that measures negatively the quality of a forum. Let me introduce you to the HELL (Hell, everything's lame and lousy) index.

The HELL index is a function that is the average of the the inverse of the average number of posts per thread and the inverse of the number of posts per user. The function results in a scale from 0 to 1, where 1 is the highest HELL index a forum can obtain. This is bad a forum as you can get. Just to get a bigger picture, The Justin Beiber Fan Forum has a HELL index of 0.87 and the Missing Children Support Forum has a HELL index of 0.00002.

Studies have also shown that the high HELL index is usually due to a very small subset of members. A corollary index to rank (negatively) these members is the LUICHCHA index. This is much like a FICO score and includes a large number of parameters. Like Fair Isaac's FICO score, the exact formula is privy to only a select few and has nto been made public.
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