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This thread and the other thread (link given above) won't have much more posts. So let me divert it a little.

Whimsically we do things as always. Jatigoto problem. Never plan and execute. On the other hand, see the events unfolding cronologically:

1. Rab putting a dent to the drugs coming in by road. Very high officials pockets get squeezed.
2. Transfer happens to the said Rab officers.
3. BDR incident. Those Rab officers are no longer there to cause any problem. Some pockets get fat again.
4. BDR is demolished. Trust is broken among the remaining.
5. Border meetings by the Govt.
6. Easy access and flow. That is where we stand now.

I am fast forwarding to 8.

8. A nation with a problem of drugs in epic proportion. Which leads to so many other crimes that includes Murders etc. Unrest destabalized, helps who?
The Weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute of the Strong." - Gandhi.
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