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Originally Posted by BANFAN
Hahaha.... They are doing us a faour ....

My request to Indian friends.... Please keep it hacked all year long...... Who is the beneficiary of TCB other than the TCB employees and the Ministry...??? Why the hell government should have a trading company...... Privatize it asoles....

Thanks to the Indian friends... But please destroy this top to bottom corrupted org if you can...
A bit phlematic but I like the idea.

BD hackers did hacking with a clear mission goal - to protest border killing that happened at least a thousand times when our gargentuan government and their cocky ministers are hunkering down.

But these foreign hackers - do they have any mission goals like saving people's life or protesting killings of innocents? Or protesting against degraded human rights in India?

These are simply cowards. Good job BD hackers. At least kudos from me because they did not hunker down with an ideology of the feeble, some funny Huckleberry type intellectual people - forgiveness/complacency while their fellow countrymen are being killed over and over again with extreme savagery by the India border guards.

BD hackers, you simply touched the pinch nerve of the Indian media and the administration and opened the eyes of the world community to see how human rights has improved in India while the big companies like Walmart and taccos are invading India in one of the issues - a substantial human rights improvement in India.

So in the conclusion, these hackers are cowardic thieves and BD hackers are heroes.
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