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CK is not the only team going pink!
SThe theme may have been pink and fuzzy but make no mistake, the inaugural KFC Twenty20 Big Bash League is already brimming with competition and rivalry.

Big Red and Bing ... cheers mate.Source: FOX SPORTS
Sydney Sixers made their arrival on the scene of Australia's newest T20 innovation aboard a pink stretch Hummer that had taken the team through a tour of the city, announcing to cricket fans that something was changing in the landscape of their beloved sport.

The journey started at a familiar location, the lavish vehicle sidling into the SCG grounds where Brett Lee, Stephen O'Keefe and the rest of the Sixers stars were sipping pink champagne, of course.

Glitz and glamour ... Sixers style.Source: FOX SPORTS
It was a nice touch; a reminder that, despite the new colours and names, this is a team with a firm hold on tradition.

In front of the storied Members Stand, the Sixers toasted to a successful new era at what Dominic Thornely proudly calls "the home of cricket".

"The blokes we've got playing in this team all love playing cricket at the SCG and that's why they chose to play at the Sixers," Thornley said.

"And there are some big plans at the SCG, some big things that we haven't seen done in cricket before and it's really exciting."

New South Wales stalwart and Australia legend Brett Lee agreed.

"There will be a few touches added on for the spectacle of playing at the Sydney Cricket Ground so we expect big things from (our fans) and they expect big things from us," Lee added.

"Our aim at the Sixers is to put a showcase of entertainment together and we'd really like to put on a show, be the ones that can turn up the heat and enjoy it out there."

If the show they put on is anything like the good times that were flowing in the back of the Hummer then Sixers fans are in for a treat.

When captain Brad Haddin joined the party en route to the launch festivities, it is fair to say the Australia wicketkeeper was taken aback as he walked into a smoke-filled vehicle to be greeted by not just his bubbly-sipping teammates, but pom-pom shaking cheerleaders and the sounds of Lady Gaga blasting out of the speakers.

And so they made their arrival, fittingly, with "The Edge of Glory" as their soundtrack.

If there's something the Sixers want to impress, before a ball is bowled or a boundary is cleared, it is that these are the rockstars of the Big Bash League – pimped up and tricked out to reflect their status in a city that will, for the first time, be home to two rival franchises.

And have no doubt; the enmity is already brewing.

The Sixers' arrival at the Big Bash launch was put on hold with the roaring Harley-Davidsons that carried cross-town rivals Sydney Thunder to the red carpet, taking centre stage in what may well be the first sign of gamesmanship.

But when it comes to promoting a rockstar image, what better man than Lee to have at the helm of the fledgling franchise? A bona fide pop idol in India, Bing has already set about defining the image of his new team.

"We're actually magenta, that's our colour," Lee insisted.

"Although we did arrive in a pink Hummer, we're actually classed as the Magenta Men."

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