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Originally Posted by oronnya
hasa kotha ... oitai bhabchhilam.. ami ekhono bishaash korte pari na amader desher kono official prog emon uddam hindi nachagana , item number dekhte hobe

ami deshe thakte concert e khuub ekta jetam na actually basha the permission petam na... kintu mone achhe ekbar Benson & Hedges er ek bishal concert er ticket jitechhilam ekta game khele amra kichhu friend... shei concert dekhte mirpur stadium e gelam.. oikhane amader bikhhato shob band chhilo r india r pak er ekta kore band eshechhilo.. khub shombhoto Euphoria r Junoon .. shei concert er jonno line etto lomba chhilo je amar mone achhe amra 3/4 ghonta por dhukte perechhilam...mojar bapper holo James r bachchu jottokhhon stage e chhilo dorshokder gola fatano chitkar 1 sec er jonno thamchhilona... the whole stadium sang each and every song altogether and that was most amazing feelings I had !! I don''t think Euphoria/ Junnon had that impact on the audiance !!! soo my point is our stars are thousand times more entertaining then these so called Indian celebrities ..and people buys tickets and comes to these concerts no matter what !! BPL really didn't need that glamor of India specially in the month of February !!
but I think as far as BPL is concerned this is the 1st season so we have let India guide us & Ind took full adwwantage as usual, but hopefully next time we will be more autonome so their will be less bharotio impact.
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