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Originally Posted by simon
Halal food is so expensive, 10 sausages for 2.80 euro last week, today it's 3.20 euro
HAram Pizza bolognaise 1,80 euro
Halal Pizza bolognaise 2.80 euro
maach shobji chara upay nai.
Ektu koshto hobe. Allah-r jonno koshto korle Allah nishchoy tar uttom protidan (jaza) diben. and Allah's reward is the best!

btw, some arab people will find the term "haram" offensive (for chicken/beef meat that we consume). They call it "jabiha" for halal chicken and "non-jabiha" for haram chicken.

Clearly, pork is haram. So, pork-er khetre "haram" kothata use kora jai!

I've seen many Arab people/muslims consume non-jabiha meat. But Banglaguy/shafi wrote a wonderful post about it. You can ask your local imam about it. Personally, I am not comfortable with i eat jabiha meat only...and Allah knows best (Allahu 'Alim)...and yes, life ain't easy!
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