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Originally Posted by shaad
So, is something being done about this? After all, one of AL's campaign platforms was a focus on secularism.
Something is being done...but not enough. As with most things, our politicians are pussies when it comes to making tough decisions.

In this particular instance, it was basically hundreds of students from a local madrassa who paraded around, chanted anti-minority slogans, then ransacked a couple of mandirs. If it was me, I would have kicked the turd out of these mini Bin Ladens, but I'm not in power. RAB and Police were/are deployed - but you can't provide security for a community in this manner - it simply doesn't work.

I am muslim(I'll dispense with the superfluous 'practicing' moniker - what other kind of muslim is there?), and this inclination to attack minorities on a simple whim, really bothers me. We cannot speak about the wrong that is being done to muslims the world over, if we commit the same evil ourselves. - this is a sanitized version of what happened...

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