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Originally Posted by zman
If you ask me, I'm a believer in Lin. Not only is he insanely good, he's full of heart and the consummate team player. He's just made the Knickerbockers relevant again and will turn them into a legit contender. Knicks already possessed arguably the best front court in the league with Tyson at center, Amare at power and Carmelo at small forward. What they didn't have was chemistry and a true playmaker. With Linsanity at point and providing the glue and spark they lacked, as long as Carmelo is willing to play second fiddle to Lin, watch out South Florida, watch out all Larry O'Brien trophy contenders!
Knicks vs. Lakers last night, one of the BEST REGULAR SEASON game i have ever watched...Regular season games are usually same old boring stuff, but last night Lin and Kobe really turned it on and it was really fun to watch intelligent players not just doing the same boring old moves.

Long Live Ping Pong Playa(if anybody saw that movie they will get the joke )
for those who didn't get the joke, this kid in that movie wanted to become an NBA player but then he became a ping pong playa instead...

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil A'lamin! Knicks are slowly getting their act together, but they still have a long way to go...
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