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Originally Posted by Equinox
Whatever you may have to say about our ministers and politicians we have to recognise and appreciate the brilliant diplomats and bureaucrats who are the real people working behind the scenes. I have full faith in them and believe they are looking out for the country. I heard recently that there are no less than six Harvard and Oxford graduates serving and advising the government and Mijarul Quayes is one of them. You have to be a true son of the soil to return from such a position and serve the country.

I believe the original draft proposed a roughly 70 - 30 share of water in favour of India. But just before the PM's arrival it became 50 - 50 and both parties agreed to it in principal. However the CM of WB was apparently unaware of the new development and threw a bitch fit. And as the deal cannot go through without the approval of the CMs of all five of the Indian states to be affected by it, it was postponed. Mamata can go to hell for all I care. We must not budge. And since the deal was agreed on a mutual basis; signatures being a mere formality; we have every right to be upset by the delay.
Any surrender of our water rights is wrong. we should be strong on face of india, not letting them push us around. we need developed military and alliance with china to counter dehli.
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