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The only way our players will learn to be competitive is to play in the big leagues. No, not play against them and get so beaten down as the only thing they learn is how to minimize the loss. One needs ot play alongside world class talents to learn from them.

The only way you can get BPL to be a world class competition is to attract sufficient number of world class talent AND play them so that the league itself is considered world class. With our dearth of talent, the only way to do make the BPL world class is to play a sufficient number of world class players- I am fine with playing as many as 5 foreign players.

The more branded the BPL becomes, the more top players it will attract. The more top players the BPL attracts, the more our local players will accrue pick up on the skills and experiences. And not juts players - a competitive league will attract top coaches and the benefit of that is obvious.
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