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Originally Posted by rifat @cri
^ Bro how do i join ?
Dear Dhaka Rifat bro, here is the link for FTP game....

come join..register and then you will be given a team, and then slowly or quickly, smartly you will reconstruct/rebuild your team by getting rid of the given players in your team who will be weaker players...and you will slowly sell them on the transfer market for wahatever you can get for or just simply fire them...and at the same time you will be buying GOOD players from the Transfer market for good will be given a certain amount of $$ every week...and you will be in leagues where your goal will be to win the matches against opponent teams by setting your match line-up properly and intelligently...and you climb up the ladders in the will learn and's a lot of fun and this thread is the master thread of all FTP knowledge and mystery, there are a lot of BC bros playing who will help you build your team and tkae the right of luck bro!
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