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Originally Posted by Mahir
Just to add to the Mushy vs Shak moment:

Mushfiq bossing Shakib to turn the game decidedly in Rajshahi's favour was epic. Two orgasmic shots: an inside-out loft to the extra-cover boundary and a swivel to the mid-wicket fence. It was as if Mushy was telling Shak that you might be the world's no. 1 all-rounder, but I am your captain. Pure class.

Equinox, did I say that this is my fav thread in the BPL forum ?
Thanks but my favourite is the fantasy league thread.

It was indeed a very intense battle. You could sense how badly both Shakib and Mushfiq wanted to win over the other by the their reactions in crucial passages of the match. First time I saw Mushy lose his cool as well when Shahzaib failed to return for the second run. It only added to the contest. Hope we get to witness it again.
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