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Default Midpoint Review : Team by Team Key points

(no disrespect to idrinkh2o's thread about performance but I think this needed its own thread)

Here is a listing of the midpoint analysis of the teams so far. This should provide a one stop shop to look up performances for teams and individuals. Took a while to go over all the scoreboards and stats so I'll enter conclusion comments when I get a chance later in a seperate post.

Chittagong Kings:

- 4-1 record
- Only hiccup against Dhaka setting 153
- Set first 200 total (206/4 vs. Rajshahi)
- Best bowling effort (reduced Barisal to 125/6 and chased down in 12.4 overs)
- Highest Total successfully chased (171 vs. Khulna)
- Mahmadullah has been great as captain and stepping up with the bat when needed (113 runs from 4 innings including 2 not outs and a 56* and SR 152.70). Also useful with the ball vs. Khulna (3-0-18-2). In 11 overs at 6.27, he is also the most economical bowler
- Star batsman for Chittagong has been Nasir Jamshed with 261 in 5 innings including 3 50’s
- JJ Roy 127 from 4 innings
- Disappointment, although 1 match and injured : Icon player Tamim Iqbal 3(7)
- Enamul Haque Jr. and D. Bravo have been the highest wicket takers (6 apiece)
- Best Strike Rate : Ziaur Rahman (2 innings, 2 not outs, 62 runs from 40 balls : 155.00 SR). Involved in 100+ partnership with Mahmadullah vs. Sylhet after team was 45-3
- Another disappointment WK/Batsman Jahurul Islam : After successful DPL , 86 runs in 5 innings. Only notable innings was vs. Barisal 41 (21) but in a chase of 125

Dhaka Gladiators:

- 3-2 record
- Reduced Sylhet to lowest score of tournament to date 124 ao
- Posted highest innings total (208/5 vs. Barisal)
- Elias Sunny 4-0-17-3 vs. Chittagong has best figures in a match in the tournament to date Also produce 4-1-18-2 vs. Rajshahi. Sunny has most wickets (7) in the tournament and economy of 6.08
- Imran Nazir (153 runs in 5 innings at 146.61 SR) , K. Pollard (141 runs in 4 innings with 2 no at 148.42 SR) and D. Stevens (114 in 5 innings with 3 not outs at 117.52) have been holding up the batting
- Mash had two back to back good matches 4-0-22-2 vs. Sylhet and 4-0-20-2 vs. Barisal (which featured a Gayle century). Nothing noteworthy about the captaincy though.
- Anamul Haque had a flashy 48(39) vs. Sylhet but he has been non-existent otherwise
- Mosharrof Hossain has best economy of 6.00 (90 runs in 15 overs) for Dhaka

Duronto Rajshai:

- 3-2 record
- On a 3 game win streak after dropping first 2
- M. Sami (4-0-23-3) and Monir Hussain (4-0-22-2), both vs. Dhaka are only notable bowling performance
- Conceded 206 to Chittagong and 180 to Barisal in first two matches
- M. Samuels (126 runs at 123.52) and Mushfiqur Rahim (112 at 130.23) are the notable run getters
- Mushfiq has stepped it up as both captain and batsman after the first 2 losses
- Sami is highest wicket taker with 6 as well as the holder of the only hat-trick against Dhaka
- Excluding Monir Hossain’s 5.5 economy vs. Dhaka, Samuels is most economical bowler for Rajshahi at 6.55
- Junaid Siddique has the best SR of 167.69 for his 109 runs in 5 innings (Top Bangladeshi on the SR list)

Khulna Royal Bengals

- 2-2 record
- Alternating wins and losses vs. Dhaka, Chittagong, Barisal and Rajshahi
- Shakib has been solid as captain, batsman and bowler in both wins 42(31) and 4-0-25-1 vs. Dhaka, 4-1-19-2 and 5* vs. Barisal and questionable in the loss to Chittagong (defending 171 and only bowling 4 overs between himself and Abdur Razzak who had figures of 2-0-11-0 and 2-0-7-2 respectively). Gave a solid performance vs. Rajshahi ( helped reach a defendable total of 145 44(26) when top order collapsed and couldn’t do enough with the ball 4-0-35-2 in a close match)
- Highest total 175 vs. Dhaka
- D. Smith (151 at 133.62) and S. Chanderpaul (109 at 110.10) are the only batsmen to cross 100 runs
- Abdur Razzak’s 6.3 economy ranks best with Shakib closely behind at 6.42
- A. Russel leads wicket takers with 6 followed by Shakib at 5
- Shakib’s 150.79 SR is the best for Khulna
- Most expensive Bangladeshi Nasir Hussain (minus the icons of course) has not has a chance to showcase much with the bat (2 innings, 46 runs, 1 not out, 115.00 SR) and has been on and off with ball (1-0-2-1, 2-0-35-0, 3-0-25-0 and 2-0-12-1)
- Shafiul Islam had one bright spot in Barisal win (3-0-7-2) but nothing noteworthy otherwise

Barisal Burners

- 2-3 record
- Blazing wins to start off and cooled down with 3 straight losses
- Chased 165 against Sylhet in opening match down in 13.1 overs for no loss at a 12.68 RR
- Gayle, Gayle, all Gayle (2 centuries, 26 6’s, 116 HS, 288 runs in 5 innings, 2 not outs, 96 average, 186.01 SR) Unfortunately for BB and BPL, his 2012 engagement is over due to contractual obligation in SA and even more unfortunately, his stint ended with a groin injury, forcing a retired hurt in his final innings
- Ahmed Shehzad has been the other batsman holding Barisal afloat (137 runs at 147.31SR)
- Another crucial injury for Barisal is S. Harwood (7.2-0-40-3 in 2 matches) who had best economy in tournament at 5.45
- Y. Arafat has 6 wickets, most by a Burner
- Icon/captain S. Nafees has been disappointing by keeping himself down the order and not stepping up fearlessly as a captain should

Sylhet Royals

- 0-4 record
- Only winless team and only team captained by a non-Bangladeshi (Trego). [If I understand correctly, Kapali refused captaincy and Trego volunteered]
- Promising start to tournament with 165 vs. Barisal before the Gayle storm hit and they have yet to recover
- P. Trego (159) leads the runs but not with a good SR (108.16). K. Akmal (118) and Kapali (114) round out the 100 club
- Kapali leads SR with 142.5.
- Key Bangladeshi players Kayes (66 runs in 4 innings at 137 SR ; interestingly 36 of those runs coming from 6’s) hasn’t capitalized and Naeem and Shubhagato Hom have been rarely utilized
- S. Tanvir has 4 wickets with Kapali and Trego with 3
- Nabil Samad in 12 overs remains only bowler with <6 economy at 5.91
- Trego’s captaincy seems lacking as he seems to have little faith in his team-mates. Trego bowling 11.2 overs at 9+ is a bit concerning
- BBL star Hogg has failed to deliver
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