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Originally Posted by nycpro96
I've been a Knicks fan ever since I could understand what I was watching on TV, through all the rough years and everything. I watch and play a ridiculous amount of basketball and the Lin Era is just something unheard of. This is just fantastic. I just wanna see what's gonna happen when Melo's back in the lineup.
What most people don't realize is the other rookie, Iman Shumpert, is also playing at a very high level, both at the defensive and offensive ends. Another great thing about the Knicks, they're big. Even Shumpert at 6'5" and Lin at 6'3" are pretty tall for their respective positions. There are talks of bringing J.R. Smith into the fold. He's a great shooter and a gritty defender. If Melo and Lin can find a way to share the ball peacefully, I think the Knicks have got what it takes to give the Heat a run for their money.
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