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Originally Posted by senman
It is a great idea and will be benefiting in the long term.

Why this tendency to compare it with IPL? . BPL , IPL and other premier leagues can run parallely.

Test Performance needs to be improved regardless of BPL but sharing experience with international player will anything but beneficiary to Bangladesh's youth cricketers.

Bangladesh should take this event to promote their country and BCB should look to develop cricket in the country.

Everything said the challenge is sustainability. If BCB can run it for three years it would be considered as a great success.
As long as, they don't try to add teams - or try to kill the goose, I think this is almost a sure thing.

But we of course have a great tradition of shooting ourselves in the foot - but I think with the owners being successful businessmen, they'll make sure the BCB doesn't make stupid decisions that can hurt their product.
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