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The only thing we might get out of it is some decent T20 players, hopefully which will lead to decent T20 team since our current T20 sucks, and at best win some T20 games. But at the end of the day we will still struggle in test cricket and in ODI we will just be satistied with some win here and there.

We really do have double standard. When IPL started a lot of people including myself went what a bad idea for cricket and all this stuff. And now that we have a league of our own we/me turn the other way. When India was whitewashed by England and Aus how many of us said oh ya thats what happens when you focus too much on IPL and T20. I know I judged teams for picking up players based on IPL/T20 performance. BPL will not improve our status as a test nation. I think BPL is a great idea because we are so far behind other teams in T20, but I doubt it will lead to good result in the longer version. I would love it if our players prove me wrong.
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