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Originally Posted by F6_Turbo

I refuse to believe in the educated/dubaiwallas stereotype. I've seen Bangladeshis in Brooklyn, and many of them are no better than 'dubaiwallas'

Firstly it is the sheer number of Bangladeshis in the ME: How many Bangladeshis are there in the US? The UAE, a country of 6-7 million people has 700,000+ that is more than 10% of the population. Saudi Arabia has anything from a million to 2.

The educated/uneducated stereotype is true but to some extent only. The criminals who are involved in human trafficking or murders are often not the most uneducated ones nor are they the poorest ones. When a Bangladeshi man spends tens of thousands of dirhams and brings in girls promising them jobs, and then locks them up for other stuff , he is not doing it because he is dirt poor..

And of course, there is always the bias aspect, as Shaad Bhai mentioned, where even if completely innocent people are not punished, there is a mindset where a crime by the Brown man sets the judge seething in anger and throwing harsh sentences while a crime committed by another race sees the judge mellow down and give a slap on the wrist.

Is it a Middle eastern thing? Who knows, after all Malaysia was the first country to ban Bangladeshis for being over represented in crimes and also for supposedly wooing local women, which is hardly a crime in itself

As for the West, Bangladeshis in the UK are definitely over represented in crime stats vs our brethren in NA. My gut feeling is that the reason behind the crime involvement being higher in the ME is similar to the reason behind crime being higher in UK vs USA when it comes to those committed by Bangladeshis.
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