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Originally Posted by F6_Turbo

Plenty of Bangladeshis in the US/Canada/UK - other than the idiots turning to terrorism in the UK, there is very little in terms of crime. So why is it so different in the ME?

I refuse to believe in the educated/dubaiwallas stereotype. I've seen Bangladeshis in Brooklyn, and many of them are no better than 'dubaiwallas'
UAE has a BD Population of 800,000-1,000,000 and above 80% are low educated/low wage jobs. Then there are about 200,000 illegal guys. And it's not any stereo typing, it's real. You will not find a single blue collar workers amongst those convicted.

As far as justice system is concerned, if you make UAE amongst those stereo types of ME justice system, you will go severely wrong. Starting with law enforcement to justice system all are very tolerant, logical and just here. 1000 times better than our own in BD. If the police won't be tolerant, a few hundred thousand would be in the jails. You can't even imagine what these BD villagers do here. They are very nice with other nationals, but they keep fighting amongst themselves. You will often see them even fighting on the streets.

My local partner is an Emirate Arab, and he is going through a divorce case filed by his wife ... I know what he is going through. She isn't just getting the divorce rights, also the children and majority of his properties.. Yes most of her allegations are right.

There are many international law firms working here and they definitely have no complains about the legal system in UAE. Yes, there will be isolated cases of manipulation and victimization by influential locals, but where it's not there?? Even OJ escaped murdering his wife... Because it's about presenting evidences and sometimes the innocents fail to present evidence and witnesses. That's a short coming of even entire western legal system as well.

Can't speak speak for the other ME countries... Since I'm not so clear about the inside sit... CNN/BBC/Western Stereo Typing isn't the real picture for sure.

That's where I was heading next....leading to, can we ask our hacker friends to help out, after all these are poor Bangladeshis getting bent over and screwed(well bent over and having their heads chopped off) by 'courts' where they barely speak the language or have the requisite legal assistance.

Where is the outrage for them?

Obviously 1000 mostly innocents is not on the same scale as a couple of dozen people - but a life is a life right?

Anyway, these are legal cases you are talking about, and BSF killings aren't the verdicts of the Indian legal system... So comparing these two events with sheer number and mocking with protests against the BSF brutality is very distasteful. I know you feel uneasy when someone protests against India, that you displayed in that thread also, by posting that Jihad video and then opening another thread to dilute that issue?? That's criminal on your part to say the least.

I think such collaboration in support of brutal killing by external forces and violating sovereignty of my nation has already been defined by a word in our history .. "Razakar" this is the result of very well known quote "Justice delayed Justice denied" we really need to get on with the prosecution of the Collaborators of 71 and that will set the course for all subsequent collaboration.
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