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Originally Posted by BANFAN
Starting with law enforcement to justice system all are very tolerant, logical and just here. Yes, there will be isolated cases of manipulation and victimization by influential locals, but where it's not there?? Even OJ escaped murdering his wife...

Come on now, are you serious in claiming its all very tolerant and just? We can pretend it is but its not. Anyone who has fallen foul of the wrong person knows how bad it can get. Yes, the UAE is probably the least in terms of injustice if we take the entire Middle East into account, but thats not saying much

And the OJ case , seriously, yes it was a huge travesty of justice, but everytime i hear about it, its some of us trying to use it as a "proof" that just because justice did not happen in the OJ case there in the US, its ok to have injustice in other places as well.

Yes, OJ got away, just like 3 men got away for 3 years with beating a pregnant woman unconscious because she sat in their "seat" in an IKEA Cafeteria and how dare a foreigner sit in their seat....

If we start justifying every case of injustice with the OJ case then we will live in a chaotic world.
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