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Originally Posted by BANFAN

I know you feel uneasy when someone protests against India, that you displayed in that thread also, by posting that Jihad video and then opening another thread to dilute that issue?? That's criminal on your part to say the least.
Don't confuse my lack of support of certain actions as some sort of love bond with India, but yes if I had to choose, I'd choose India over Pakistan everyday of the week, and twice on friday. I simply found the methodology of the protest to be hilarious, and continue to do so - as is my right. In fact I posted in that very thread, if India refuse to heed our diplomatic words, then maybe some tit for tat is called for(implying our own Border Guard needs to do some target practicing) and that the flippant remarks by Syed Ashraf were disgraceful to say the least, specially with an issue so grave...finally that a government that fails to protect its citizens is a failure regardless of whatever else it might say it has accomplished, or did you skip that bit, in your rush to judge me?

I am very proud to be Bangladeshi, and proud of Bangladesh - and that pride is why, I continue to reside in this country, despite my opportunities overseas being exponentially better.

I simply don't see India as inherently many on here do. There are threads titled...'talks fail, Bangladesh retains sovereignty for now', I'd expect sentiments like that from a two bit buffoon, not from people who have the mental faculty to use the internet and log in to a forum.

Lastly I diluted nothing from that issue by posting this thread. The article I linked wasn't from a month ago, I didn't have to google it, it was from the days paper - and my OP made no reference to anything remotely to do with India. - posts following on from my OP in this thread actually lead it into a whole new direction. A breakdown of the Bangladeshi diaspora - where they are/what their numbers are/what they do, and our perceptions of the judiciary in those countries and how they mete out justice to foreigners - specifically foreigners they label as 'miskeen'?

Not to mention local channels and papers have in the past couple of months done multiple stories on migrant workers being executed, and in some cases sentences being commuted due to diplomatic or financial deals.
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