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Originally Posted by Banglatiger84
Come on now, are you serious in claiming its all very tolerant and just? We can pretend it is but its not. Anyone who has fallen foul of the wrong person knows how bad it can get. Yes, the UAE is probably the least in terms of injustice if we take the entire Middle East into account, but thats not saying much

And the OJ case , seriously, yes it was a huge travesty of justice, but everytime i hear about it, its some of us trying to use it as a "proof" that just because justice did not happen in the OJ case there in the US, its ok to have injustice in other places as well.

Yes, OJ got away, just like 3 men got away for 3 years with beating a pregnant woman unconscious because she sat in their "seat" in an IKEA Cafeteria and how dare a foreigner sit in their seat....

If we start justifying every case of injustice with the OJ case then we will live in a chaotic world.
Look, first of all, do you think that the poor and non influential get a justice in Bangladesh?? Since I know about both, I can tell, that UAE is far far betterr than Bangladesh in serving justice. Do you know any case in UAE fallen foul in recent times?? We get such examples everyday in BD, yet we feel comfortable living thee, so I feel much more comfortable living here from that perspective.

Ok, I mentioned OJ, since it is known to all. There are many cases like this in the western justice system. Irrespective of any example, if you know how the system works, you will know it's weaknesses. If an innocent can't prove he is innocent by arranging evidences or can't present evidences to prove the other party has committed the act, he may not be served a justice... That's not any secret.

So, there are such loop holes in every system including UAE .. But when it goes for capital punishment, be sure there is enough evidence for that that's why court ihas said that. I'm very much aware of a number of cases that BD guys were involved and I'm very confident about the UAE justice system. As I said, I can't vouch for other ME countries.
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