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Originally Posted by Rifat
Knicks(once 'melo comes back), Heat, Bulls(Once Deng + Rose comes back), Spurs, Mavs, Thunder ...the teams to beat this season!

one of these 6 teams has to win the championship if things continue the way they are...

In the playoffs, sometimes the 1st Round games/conference semi final games are more exciting than the finals.

Can't wait for the playoffs this season.

The other team i really Like is the Minnesota Timberwolves(just because on
NBA2k11 i got drafted by them ), they have some great talent to build upon for next season...once Rubio + Pekovich gets more experience they can be more than lethal on any night, of course Kevin Love is always lethal! I had high hopes for Wesley Johnson +Michael Beasley, they are pretty good prospects too. They are doing a far better job this season than last season, but I don't see them as championship material this season.
I think Bulls have the best chance this year with a PCT of 0.758 so far - which is the best in the league right now. But we know play offs are play offs. My bets are on Bulls...second Knicks.
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